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It is the third month of the year and if you are like me who has first-quarter goals, you are already wondering if you will crush your goals at the end of March. it is not because you have not been working tirelessly from the beginning of the year, but it is life and shit happens.


Nevertheless, I am glad because of the projects I have this year book-wise. This is the year of books for me, and as much I am evolving my brand into many things centered around the business of writing and content creation, fiction books are what I will never stop writing. I fell in love with fiction writing first and through the years it has helped me hone my skills as a creative writer. It is just beautiful to be able to create lives just with your pen.

This month, two books are in the making, while one is coming out on the 21st of March, the other one is going straight to the GTB manuscript challenge.

On my personal story blog, Tori Stories, I started sharing the series ‘ Behind Closed Doors’ and it was well received. So I decided to make it into a book series. The Book 1 is titled ‘Broken Engagement’ and it is the first book in the #Broken series. It is a story of Becca in her fight for the man she loves. When love goes sour, people tend to hold on, trying to force the broken pieces into a whole again, but sometimes it changes them. Read about Becca who was an independent career woman change into a bitter, murdering woman in the name of love. Follow on my Facebook page for excerpts and updates on the book release.

The second book in the making is a book I want to enter into the GTB manuscript contest for a chance to win cash and a publishing contract. It is the first time trying my hands at a crime novel. I have written short crime stories but never a complete book. Nevertheless, I am going to do my best and birth a book that I will be proud of. The title of the book is;


It tells the story of a man who found his wife dead on their matrimonial bed. Did he kill her, if he didn’t, who killed Oshewa? It is going to be action-packed and will feature a female sleuth who is not the protagonist, and will not make it to the end of the book. I am going to be mindless of rules and just write a story I will enjoy. Watch out for the book cover I will personally design for this book. I started outlining my book today and I will take just 30 days to write this book. It is a challenge I am willing to undertake.


Broken Engagement will be released on the 21st of March, 2018. Save the date. Pre-order will be available soon.


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